Monday, October 20, 2014

Shipboard Modifications

Shipboard Modifications
While some spacefarers focus their energy on developing new armor or weapons for aetherships, the elves work at building shipboard environments that are more natural and thus better suited for long-distance travel.

Item Cost Weight
Animal pen 2 sp/5-foot square 5 tons of cargo space
Box Garden 1 gp/5-foot square 5 tons of cargo space
Pool 5 gp/5-foot square 5 tons of cargo space

Each of these additions to an aethership creates space that can be used for housing some kind of flora or fauna. Note that these prices don't include the cost of animals or plants with which they're stocked; refer to the Trade Goods table on page 140 of the core rulebook to find costs for them. Each five-foot square devoted to uses as an animal pen, garden or pool can hold one large creature, or twice as many of each size category smaller than that.

With these modifications, some captains have turned their vessels into floating menageries, traveling aetherspace in search of new specimens for adding to their collection, or carrying known specimens with which to populate new worlds.

Naturalist's Guidebook
Cost: 50 gp; Weight: 3 lbs.
This book is a collection of drawings and writings detailing the plant and animal life native to a given planet. It grants a +2 circumstance bonus to Survival and Knowledge: nature checks made on that world (and that world only).

“One thing I'll give the elves—it does smell better aboard their ships.”

-Lucinda, half-elf sorceress and pilot

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