Monday, March 28, 2016

The Sampan

Presented here is a deck plan for use with any number of nautically-themed RPGs.


The Sampan 

This small boat is a familiar site in the East. It has a relatively flat bottom, and can be propelled with a single sail or oars, or even with poles in shallow water. Given their small size and low profile, sampans are generally used close to land. They are commonly used for fishing as well as for transporting small groups of passengers or amounts of cargo. Sometimes the owner of a sampan erects a small shelter over part of the deck, leading to them being used as floating domiciles in certain areas. In this way the model presented can be used as something of a template for larger vessels or ones that have more elaborate structures built onto them.

The deck plan below is sized so that it can be printed and cut out for use with miniatures or other figures on the tabletop. 

Finally, here's a link to the information above presented as a single PDF. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Variations in the Void

Presented here are some suggestions for ways in which a GM and players can customize existing character classes for use in space fantasy adventures and campaigns.

  • When selecting a group of weapons for the weapon training ability, the fighter may select Artillery (cannon, catapults, ballistae, etc.)

  • When choosing a favored enemy, a ranger may select the Void type; this includes all monsters that have the Staflight extraordinary ability.
  • When selecting a type of favored terrain, the ranger may choose Aethership as a type.

  • A wizard may choose an orb of control as the item for an arcane bond.