Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Modifying Even More THA Material for the Raiders Time Period

Presented here are tips for using more recent releases for Treasure Hunter Adventures in the pulp time period of the 1930s and 40s, including World War II and its immediate aftermath.

THA6: Expeditions & Excavations

As a toolkit, this supplement requires little modification. The stats for Scout characters remain quite relevant. While the equipment used by the Technician would change, such a character would still be on the cutting edge of technological development. One is reminded of the Nazi program working on V2 rockets as an example of such work, along with the American Operation: Paperclip, which helped lead to the creation of Nasa. Those elements would certainly apply to the time period during and after World War II, when Indiana Jones is working for the Office of Strategic Service, as is referenced in the fourth movie. The rest of the supplement, with plot suggestions, hazards, and locations that serve as prizes, all remains useful.

Bad Blood and Operation: Portmanteau

As mentioned for previous scenarios, these two can take on a greater sense of urgency if they are set during World War II. The prior takes place in Bamberg, Germany; the latter, in BΓΌrgeln, Switzerland. If the Nazis are still in power, then they would have agents actively investigating both of these locations. The Inquistion stronghold in Bad Blood could even be the local Nazi headquarters, where they are studying material gathered there. On the other hand, the betrayal which lies at the center of Operation: Portmanteau could be happening at the time of this adventure; perhaps the nun, Sister Margaretha, suspects that Emmanuel Grey is in danger and comes to the heroes seeking help for him. Grey would certainly have family members with an interest in this business, too.

The Meybohm Museum of World History

This location makes an excellent hub of activity in this time period. During the Blitz—Nazi Germany's bombing campaign against England in 1940 and 1941—it would have been crucial to protect the museum's displays from damage. As is mentioned in the supplement, too, the building became a center for distribution of food and even medical aid. At the same time, the Nazis could send spies who try to discover an important artifacts or lore that are stored there. Finally, Louisa Meybohm would have been a contemporary of Henry Jones, Sr., perhaps being around during some of the early adventures depicted in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

The Wages of Sin

This scenario takes on a really interesting dimension if Cyril Throckmorton is a Nazi sympathizer, or even just a greedy zealot who agrees to work with them toward achieving his own goals. In either case, his unholy religious organization becomes a threat to national security, perhaps using drugs and other influences in tricking Americans to reveal wartime secrets. Exposing him and his plans, then, becomes all the more important for the heroes to accomplish.

For suggestions regarding previous scenarios and supplements, please refer to last year's post.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Indiana Jones Coming to Disney+

This pleases me. I've been frustrated that the Indiana Jones movies have been unavailable to stream recently, but now they're coming to Disney+ on May 31st. What is more, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles have not been available for a long time.