Thursday, March 31, 2022

Reading Again--The Sixth Gun: Ghost Dance

Here are my thoughts about this story arc. 


Ghost Dance 30-35

This story arc ran for six issues, published from April to October in 2013. Here are my impressions:

  • It's cool to see more exploration of Native American characters in this setting. Representation matters!

  • Related to that, I can imagine running a game in which all of the heroes are Native characters, in adventures that take place before European settlers begin arriving in America.

  • I also enjoyed taking a deep dive into the Winding Way and the worlds of alternate possibilities to which it can lead, including prehistoric and medieval time periods, along with a “modern” world in which General Hume was victorious. I think it would be fun in a campaign to take heroes from the Wild West and let them run amok in those time periods.

  • This also lets the GM bring back old foes and use them in new ways, such as Hume's four horsemen teaming up with Becky against the Skinwalkers.

  • Here we have another large-scale battle, and this time we see some dissension in the ranks between Missy Hume and her Pinkertons.

  • This arc provides a definite turning point in Becky's development, which makes me start thinking about how I as a GM would pace character advancement if this were a campaign. (I'll have more on that thought after I finish the series.)

  • Once again, there's a great epilogue that closes this arc and sets up the next one.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Reading Again--The Sixth Gun: Winter Wolves

 Here are my thoughts about this story arc. 


Winter Wolves 24-29

This story arc ran for six issues, published from August of 2012 to February of 2013. Here are my impressions:

  • Once again, this arc opens with parallel storylines—Drake and Becky are looking for Fort Treadwell, and the others are looking for them. I could see working something like this into a Savage Worlds RPG campaign if the players each controlled multiple characters.

  • Fort Treadwell is cool. I like the idea of dropping this rough-and-tumble place into the setting, on the edge of the frontier.

  • This is also a good example of developing the setting's history, with the act of betrayal that created a Crossroads in this place.

  • The primary antagonist for this arc is a new character/monster, which is an interesting way to set up a new adventure while adding to the overall storyline. Also, it's the kind of villain that the heroes might not be able to defeat in combat, pushing them to find another way to resolve the conflict.

  • Gord makes a stone cold decision to resolve the main conflict in this arc; I would love it if my own campaign contained such emotional moments.

  • We see Becky unleash a new Power of the Sixth Gun and thus take the fight to Missy Hume. This is a cool example of how the GM could give the heroes a magical weapon, and then increase its potency as the heroes gain Advances.

  • Finally, the epilogue for this arc does a good job of setting up the next arc, and provides a good example of how to wrap up a session with a hook into the next one.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Seekers of Wisdom

The newest full-length scenario for Treasure Hunter Adventures and the Savage Worlds RPG is now available. Seekers of Wisdom sends the heroes on the pursuit of a long-lost treasure cache, along with an important ally, along the border between France and Germany. 


Seekers of Wisdom

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Second Preview for Seekers of Wisdom: Artwork and Clues

As the second preview for the forthcoming scenario Seekers of Wisdom, here are some clues and artwork used in the adventure. 


Along with a wedjat eye amulet, the heroes receive a cryptic message: 

A lesson for those who seek wisdom

This one holds the key to opening a lockbox. 

And this one leads to a lost cache. 

Sunday, March 13, 2022

First Preview for Seekers of Wisdom: Maps

As the first preview for Seekers of Wisdom, the forthcoming scenario for Treasure Hunter Adventures, I present three maps. 

The first is the region in which this scenario takes place, eastern France and western Germany. 

Second is the Church of St. Trophimus. 

Finally, here is the labyrinth of Wayland the Smith. 


Tuesday, March 8, 2022

TV Series for The Sixth Gun?

This is interesting. I know that some years ago NBC worked on a pilot for a TV series based on The Sixth Gun, but that it ultimately did not succeed. Now it seems that writer Selwyn Seyfu Hinds has made a deal with the studio UCP to produce a series. 

For that reason, Pinnacle Entertainment Group has an RPG bundle for this game. 

I also wonder if this might be part of the reason that we haven't seen new issues of Shadow Roads since September of 2020.