Saturday, December 30, 2023

Reflecting on 2023 and Looking Ahead to 2024

Here are a few highlights of what happened this year, along with what I'm anticipating for next year.

  • As I'd hoped, in 2023 I finished writing the Apotheosis Campaign for Treasure Hunter Adventures. This was an enjoyable experience. When I started writing scenarios back in 2020, I started with material that I'd been planning back when I worked using D20 Modern. After finishing some of them, a larger storyline began taking shape, and I hope that it's a series of adventures that GMs and players can enjoy. 


  • I have written another adventure to run at Con of the North the north this year. This one, in fact, consists of material that I cut from last year's scenario due to time constraints. It leads the heroes to investigate a lost Nazi treasure cache, and has what I hope is a big set-piece climax with plenty of action for the finale.

  • For a few years now, when my players and I discuss options for that school year's campaign, I've offered to run the Star Wars RPG. They have decided otherwise—until now. This was a surprise for me, but a good one. I've written a series of scenarios on one of my other blogs, the Tierfon Campaign, for use with the RPGs from Fantasy Flight Games. A second surprise was that they wanted to play with the old D6 System from West End Games. For that reason I've been adapting them on the fly—and happily, it's an easy system to which to convert.

  • Taking that a step further, I'm planning to participate in this year's January Character Creation event. I'll be posting conversion of the characters on my other Star Wars RPG website.

  • After waiting a solid year for it, I have the print copy of Graveyard of the Gods and am excited about it. I'd thought that I might be running a campaign with it this year, but my players decided otherwise, as mentioned above. This book is gorgeous, and I'll print a review when I've finished reading it. I am excited to run that campaign some time in the future.