Saturday, July 29, 2023

The Shrine of the Sibyl

This complete scenario, available from DriveThruRPG and for use with Treasure Hunter Adventures and the Savage Worlds RPG, takes the heroes to a seemingly ordinary chapel in Rome, beneath which they can reveal the secrets of the prophetesses known as the Sibyls. 


The Shrine of the Sibyl

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Second Preview for The Shrine of the Sibyl: Puzzles and Art

This post adds more preview details, including two of the puzzles from the scenario along with the corresponding artwork. 

Here is the message that starts this treasure hunt. 

These statues, and the engraving, are very similar to the ones found in the temple. 

A fresco like this is painted on the wall in a hidden chamber. 

The stairs in this stairway are engraved with names. Beware making a misstep!

In the Shrine itself is a slab containing a mechanism with levers that correspond to each of these letters. What is the correct order in which to pull them? 


Tuesday, July 25, 2023

First Preview for The Shrine of the Sibyl

Here is the first preview of the forthcoming scenario The Shrine of the Sibyl; it features the maps for this adventure. 

We start with a chapel in Rome that might not seem noteworthy, but it hides an important secret. 

Then there are the catacombs and shrine hidden beneath the chapel. 


Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Lucasfilm Lofi: Travel with Indiana Jones

I am relatively new to this Lofi stuff, but I have been looking for good background music to play in my classroom at school. This just popped up on Youtube for me, and I am sharing it here in part so that I can find it while I am reading or writing in the future. The background video is fun to watch, too. 


Thursday, July 6, 2023

Support Material for Light of Xaryxis

Here's a list of material from the Dungeon Masters Guild that can be used to supplement the Light of Xaryxis campaign. Feel free to post in the comments if I've omitted something. I did not include material intended specifically for VTT play.

Stars Over Stormwreck

This scenario acts as a bridge between Dragons of Stormwreck Isle, the scenario from the D&D Starter Set, and the Light of Xaryxis campaign. Although I used Spelljammer Academy to launch my campaign, I'm thinking of using that pairing to launch a future campaign that would then lead into Graveyard of the Gods.

Spelljammer Academy Expanded

I've previously posted about this supplement, which adds more content for use during the PCs' time at Spelljammer Academy. If I had had more time for running my campaign this year, I definitely would have used it.

Orc Chief's Throne

This scenario is intended as a bridge between Spelljammer Academy and Light of Xaryxis, one that gives the PCs a chance to acquire their own ship. It looks like it could be pretty combat-intensive, and ultimately I decided not to use it, but I was tempted.

Saving Commodore Krux

This is the first of three scenarios that supplement specific chapters in Light of Xaryxis. This one expands on the events of Chapter 4, adding more activity while the PCs are on the Rock of Bral. The preview looked solid, but I ended up not adding it.

Of Mercanes and Megapedes

This scenario expands on the PCs' interactions with Vocath the Mercane and the factions of Doomspace during Chapter 8; once again, I chose not to use it due to time constraints.

Mind Flayer Over Matter

In a previous post I mentioned that I added this scenario to the campaign. It worked well for adding a few encounters between Chapters 9 and 10 during the lead-up to the campaign finale, buying some time for a player who needed to miss a couple of sessions and allowing everyone to advance their characters to level 9 before the big final fight. I did not do a good job of preparing to run it, however.

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Watching Again: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Here are my thoughts while watching this one again.

  • I've played in awesome campaigns that had great endings, but we were tempted to try playing the characters one more time. One was Shadowrun, and the other was Spwlljammer. In both cases, the new adventures did not go well, and we ended up feeling like we should have left well enough alone. I think that could be relevant here.

  • One can feel the influence of George Lucas strongly in the opening scene, with Elvis Presley's “Hound Dog” playing as a hot rod car speeds along the road. Along that line, this installment has a 50s science fiction feel, which can be fun, but is notably different from the 30s pursuit of holy relics and fight against the Nazis.

  • And then they nuke the fridge.

  • After that, during interrogation, Indy mentions that Mac was MI6 while Indy was in the O.S.S.; they undertook twenty or thirty missions together in Europe and the Pacific. That's some really cool world building, but we won't likely see what came of that.

  • That is followed by the implication that agents of J. Edgar Hoover's FBI don't trust old OSS operatives, and even suspect them of being communists! That is quite intriguing.

  • This movie tells us that Marcus Brody has passed away. I wonder what other characters from previous films, such as Willie Scott and Short Round, are doing now.

  • Mutt Williams has a great introduction. That is followed by some exposition, a soda fountain brawl, and an inspired motorcyle-and-car chase through the college campus.

  • Then there is more exposition, some research, and riddle. This is solid.

  • In Nazca, Indy tells Mutt that he learned Quechua while he rode with Panco Villa—a reference to The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. That is good world building.

  • It's a touching scene when Mutt sees Ox's cell and thinks that Ox has gone mad; Indy puts his hand on Mutt's shoulder.

  • The graveyard scene is atmospheric and exciting, a good set piece.

  • Then we have some exposition after Indy and Mutt are captured. Indy is hooked up to psychic monitoring equipment and hears a message while staring into the crystal skull. If any players doubted the apparent change in style for the campaign, it should now be clear.

  • That is followed by a jungle chase and fight scene that is, in my mind, rather goofy. I can imagine the GM telling the players, after this session, “I let you get away with this stuff tonight, but I won't allow it in the future.”

  • The lost city of Akator makes for a cool area to explore, even if it really leans into the new style.

  • I like the wedding at the end; it is the kind of narrative conclusion that I can see happening at the table after a campaign finale.