Monday, February 21, 2022

Highlights from Con of the North 2022

This year I ran four rounds of Treasure Hunter Adventures for the Savage Worlds RPG. Two were on Saturday, at 8:00 and noon, and two in the same time slots on Sunday. Both used the Iconic Heroes (Gavin, Vaughn, Linh, Thaddeus and Magadalena) for pre-generated characters. 

Con of the North

Treasure Hunter Adventures

Iconic Heroes for Treasure Hunter Adventures

The Templar Mystery

Highlights of the Saturday sessions included: 

  • Entering the church depicted above--which was buried inside an unnatural hill--one of the heroes botched and fell fifty feet to the stone floor, barely surviving and spending the rest of the round with broken ribs. 
  • Once a battle with the villains erupted in the hidden vault, Vaughn threw a pickaxe and impaled their leader with deadly results. 

The Templar Vessel

Highlights of the Sunday sessions included: 

  • When villains--the same ones from the previous adventure--stormed the heroes' chartered dive boat, seen above, there was plenty of swashbuckling action, including goons being tackled over railings and into the sea with push attacks. 
  • At one point Thaddeus was locked in a melee with the possessed Professor Hall, with the latter cursing in ancient Sumerian and the prior praying for his soul in Latin. 
  • Finally, the heroes weaponized an ice bucket that first held poisoned champagne, an then was used to with an emetic given to revive a knocked-out character. 

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Training Program for the Office of Strategic Services

The newest supplement for Treasure Hunter Adventures is now available. Training Program for the Office of Strategic Services presents the history of that organization, along with stats for agents and vignettes that represent the training process for recruits who are joining that organization. 


Training Program for the Office of Strategic Services

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Two Previews: Training Program for the OSS and Con of the North 2022

This post serves as a preview for both Training Program for the O.S.S., which I will release on Saturday, and for The Templar Vessel, a new scenario that I'll be running at Con of the North in the Twin Cities on Presidents Day weekend. Here's the cover for the prior.

Presented below, then, are two examples of dossiers that might be issued to O.S.S. agents. 

Artwork by Jeshields.

The first is for university Professor Stanley M. Hall, a potential ally who could recruit the heroes. 

The second is for Yelena Valentinov, who might be a rival or even an enemy. 

Finally, here is the cover for The Templar Vessel.


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

First Preview of Training Program for the OSS

 Here's a video about the history of the OSS--the Office of Strategic Services.