Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Typical Aethership

Back in May I posted an article that detailed magical items for the Pathfinder RPG, ones that could let characters take a ship into space. It was, of course, inspired by the Spelljammer setting for AD&D 2E. Since then I've been reading through the Ultimate Combat vehicle rules for Pathfinder, trying to become familiar with that system. With them in mind, I've revised those magical items, and I've written up stats for a typical aethership.


The Skylark
Colossal aetherial vehicle
Squares 60 (20 ft. by 75 ft.); Cost 112,500 gp
AC 2; Hardness 5
hp 900 (449)
Base Save +0
Maximum Speed 180 ft. (magical); Acceleration 30 ft. (magical)
CMB +8; CMD 18
Ramming Damage 8d8
This modest aethership can carry 150 tons of cargo in addition to its normal crew complement.

Propulsion magic (two masts, 30 squares of sails, hp 150)

Driving Check Profession (pilot) +10 to the DC

Forward Facing the ship's forward

Driving Device orb of control

Driving Space the square or squares occupied by the pilot with the orb of control

Crew 20

Decks 2

Weapons Up to 20 Large direct-fire siege engines in banks of 10 positioned on the port and starboard sides of the vessel, or up to 5 Huge direct-fire siege engines in banks of 3 positioned on the port and starboard sides of the ship. The siege engines may only fire out the sides of the ship on which they are positioned. They cannot be swiveled to fire out the forward or aft sides of the ship.

The Skylark
Refer to the appropriate map for the following area descriptions.

The ship's wheel is located on this raised platform at the aft of the vessel; it is generally from here that the captain issues orders while sailing.

2. Main Deck
The main deck is a broad, open space, although usually it is filled at least in part with ropes, the ship's anchor, a lifeboat and that sort of thing. In between the two masts is the hatch providing access to the cargo hold below.

3. Private Cabin
For important passengers or, at least, those who can pay for it, this cabin boasts a bed and perhaps a table or a storage trunk. It can also be used for a first mate, if appropriate.

4. Private Cabin
This cabin is laid out in the same manner as the other one, above.

5. Captain's Cabin
By far the most elaborate quarters on the vessel is this small room. It has a table with four chairs for holding meetings, along with a bed, a wardrobe, a chest and a barrel of liquor.

6. Crew Quarters
Ten hammocks are arrayed in this area, in two tiers. The crew members sleep here, usually in shifts. In addition there can usually be found a number of sea chests, one per crewman, arranged beneath the hammocks.

7. Cargo Hold
This space could contain just about anything, provided it can fit in through the cargo hatch.

8. Crow's Nest (Not pictured)
A small platform high on the ship's foremast provides a place for the lookout to stand.

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  1. Love what you are doing... we seem to share a passion for maritime adventures. Hope to see more in 2018...