Saturday, October 15, 2011

Medallion of Saint Elmo

Here's another new magical item, based on ones actually carried by mariners.


Medallion of Saint Elmo
More than a few sailors braving the waters of the earth carry some sort of lucky charm; a common one is the medallion of Saint Elmo. Most of these are no more effective than belief can make them, but others have actual benefits. According to legend, these ones are made from lead taken from the very mauls with which Saint Elmo was beaten. Indeed, even more powerful ones are believed to contain one of the saint's teeth, which were removed as part of the tortures that he suffered.
The lesser version of this item provides the effects of a resist energy spell with a caster level of 3; the greater one gives the benefits of a protection from energy spell with a caster level of 5. Both function against electricity and fire only.

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Magical Item--The Dedicated Compass

This post comes after too long of a delay. It's been a busy couple of months, with Gen Con and other summer activities, followed by the beginning of a new school year. I'm still working on the next adventure in the series, but for the meanwhile I have a new magical item.


Dedicated Compass
Compared to ordinary devices of its nature, this item seems grossly oversized. It is six inches in diameter, and about two in thickness. This is due to the fact that its needle is actually hollow, with a small cap on the blunt end that can be opened and closed as necessary. The dedicated compass can be used to point the way toward any person, location or item desired, as long as something connected to the desired target is placed inside the needle. For example, sand from a lost island, a lock of hair from a person or a small scrap of parchment from an ancient map could all serve the purpose. Once that is done, the compass points unerringly toward said target.
According to legend, this item was built by a Swiss watchmaker who studied the occult arts and was rumored to have made some diabolical deal for it to work. Whether that is true or just a bit of superstition is, of course, not known for certain. Its efficacy, however, is undoubted.
Naturally, this function makes the dedicated compass a highly desired item. Many have been the plots and double-crosses undertaken in order to acquire it, and when possessed it is guarded with the utmost effort. As such it could become an important prize in an adventure, the key to finding something, somewhere or someone of even greater importance.