Saturday, November 3, 2018

Formian Slaveship

Here's the second formian vessel, the slaveship.


The slaveship is larger, being fifty feet wide and seventy feet long, with three distinct compartments and almost a fourth. The fore compartment (1) is very similar to that of the scoutship, boasting the peforated viewport and the navigation sphere. This is where the formian taskmaster can usually be found. Aft of that is a broad circular tunnel (2), which is cut with niches for the warriors that the vessel normally carries. In the center of the ring is a storage area (3) which houses the slaves that the taskmaster takes from visited worlds. At the stern of the slaveship there is another compartment (4) that can be used for cargo and/or weapons, and that has niches for the workers who assist the warriors and taskmaster.

Formian Slaveship
Colossal space vehicle
Squares 140 (50 ft. by 70 ft.); Cost NA
AC 2; Hardness 8
hp 2800 (1400)
Base Save +0
Maximum Speed 180 ft. (magical); Acceleration 30 ft. (magical)
CMB +10; CMD 16
Ramming Damage 10d8
This vessel, carved out of a bigger asteroid, has the forward bridge section, along with a ringed corridor with niches for the warriors, a holding place for slaves, and an aft section that combines cargo space with quarters for the workers. It, too, has a perforated viewport and movable walls in the aft for loading and unloading.

Propulsion magic (60 squares of energy lines, 1200 hp)

Driving Check Profession (pilot) or Use Magic Device

Forward Facing the ship's forward

Driving Device navigation sphere

Driving Space the square or squares occupied by the pilot with the navigation sphere

Crew 6 (not including weapons crews)

Decks 1

Weapons Two Large direct-fire siege engines positioned in the stern; they may only fire out the aft end.

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