Sunday, November 4, 2018

Formian Sentryship

Third in the series is a sentryship.

The next large type of stoneship is this one, which measure sixty feet in width and ninety in length. It features the usual fore section (1), including the navigation sphere. Aft of that is a broad open chamber (2), which is home to the myrmarch that this ship carries. From there the myrmarch commands the crew of workers and warriors. Four smaller tunnels lead out to spaces for weapons emplacements (3), two facing forward and two facing out to the sides. Larger passageways lead back to the quarters (4) for the crew. Finally, in the aft section (5) there is room for cargo along with rear-facing weapons emplacements. 

Formian Sentryship
Colossal space vehicle
Squares 216 (90 ft. by 60 ft.); Cost NA
AC 2; Hardness 8
hp 4320 (2160)
Base Save +0
Maximum Speed 180 ft. (magical); Acceleration 30 ft. (magical)
CMB +12; CMD 14
Ramming Damage 12d8
This vessel, carved from an even bigger asteroid, has a forward control station, with the myrmarch's quarters behind it. There are four compartments for weapons emplacements, along with quarters for the crew and an aft area for cargo and/or more weapons.

Propulsion magic (100 squares of energy lines, 2000 hp)

Driving Check Profession (pilot) or Use Magic Device

Forward Facing the ship's forward

Driving Device navigation sphere

Driving Space the square or squares occupied by the pilot with the navigation sphere

Crew 5 (not including weapons crews)

Decks 1

Weapons Four large weapons in the forward emplacements (two firing forward and two out to the sides); two large weapons in the aft compartment (that only fire toward the rear)

Ships' Compliments
Each of these vessels is usually crewed in the following manner.
  • A scoutship is crewed by a patrol of 3-12 formian workers. It is used for exploring new locations when a hive is seeking new territory.
  • A slaveship is commanded by a taskmaster and crewed by a band of 3-15 workers and 5-8 warriors. It is used for finding and binding new servants.
  • A sentryship is commanded by a myrmarch and crewed by a platoon of 7-18 warriors and 6-12 workers. It is the primary ship of the line for the formians' navy.

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