Thursday, June 18, 2020

Preview--The Death Mask of Hatshepsut

Here's a preview of the first full scenario for Treasure Hunter Adventures using the Savage Worlds RPG; it is called The Death Mask of Hatshepsut.


The Legend
According to tales, a British Egyptologist by the name of Douglass Murray was approached in Cairo by an American adventurer who was looking to sell some artifacts recently recovered from a tomb. One of these was the death mask of the Queen Hatshepsut, a pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty who some thought might have had divine blood. Although Murray decided to purchase the mask, the American never profited from the sale—he died only three days later. Shortly after that, before returning to Britain, Murray lost his hand when the rifle that he was firing exploded. The wound turned gangrenous and as a result he had to have his arm amputated at the elbow.

Murray’s fortunes improved little even after returning home. Upon arrival he was informed that two of his servants and two other close associates had died abruptly and from mysterious causes. Beginning to fear that the mask might have been the cause of these incidents, he decided to leave the item at the residence of his girlfriend. She had taken an interest in the relic, but soon regretted it—she began to suffer from a wasting disease that nearly killed her. By then Murray simply wanted the mask out of his life, and arranged a trade with an American museum for some Montana dinosaur bones. The mask was packed up and shipped off to the United States, sailing aboard the RMS Titanic. According to all accounts,when that vessel struck an iceberg and sank it was lost forever... 

Until now. 

Recently an aspiring treasure hunter found what he believes is a clue to the mask's location, and he's recruiting others to help him find it.

Egyptian Sojourn
I sit and ponder the Great Secret
In the shadow of the monument
To Anthony’s mistress,
Under the watchful eye of Ra
In his ultimate strength.

It is my turn now to face judgment in the Hall of Truth, and the weighing of my heart. To lighten my load, I leave behind the burden I saved from frigid death, and my Egyptian Sojourn shows the way to claiming it.”

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