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The Celestial Council

In the aftermath of the Godsharp Saga campaign, the powers that be in the Sol System begin to coordinate with one another in order to protect against similar threats. For that reason, here is a description of the organization known as the Celestial Council.


The Celestial Council
In the aftermath of what has come to be known as “The Incident”—an attempt be demons and their allies to destroy Homeworld using an artifact known as the Godsharp—several of the powers that be in the Sol System decided to form an organization “for the purpose of mutual assistance, information and defense.” The members meet four times a year, on the day before each solstice and equinox, to share any news they've heard and to debate any mutual decisions that they might choose to make. The venue for each meeting varies, with different members taking turns in hosting.

Current members of the celestial Council include the following individuals.
  • Brother Ibrahim, a priest of Ptah, represents the Free Cities of the South on Homeworld.
  • Marshall Leomund, a cavalier from the Order of the Lion, speaks on behalf of the Northern Empire.
  • Captain Aelwyn represents the Elven Navy.
  • Delve Captain Rorik, son of Rudrig, is the agent for the Dwarven Mining Guild.
  • Minister Yun is the representative for Emperor Zhu, who rules the Eastern Kingdoms.
There has also been talk of including other members, such as the giants of Wodan, the genies of Freya, and even a representative of the Barbarian Lands on Homeworld. So far, the existing members have chosen to keep the Council small.

Recent Business
Some of the items with which the Council has been dealing include the following.
  • There is an ongoing investigation into the aformentioned “Incident,” to make sure that no further danger remains from that business.
  • As its first act, the Council awarded a special commendation to those heroes who helped foil the demon's plot; it consists of statues depicting the heroes, engraved with their names, and inscribed with a plaque bearing the words, “For service to the Sol System above and beyond the call of duty.”
  • The Council has also been discussing an increase in pirate activity throughout the Sol System, including attacks on omas that are being used for interplanetary travel.
  • If and when a being should be accused of a crime that harms the inhabitants of Sol System's different planets, then the Council is tasked with considering evidence against, passing judgment on determining the punishment of said individual(s).
  • There's also the question of adding new members, a proposition that is supported by the elves and dwarves, but that the humans oppose.
  • Occasionally the Council receives from other star systems, including ambassadors from the arborlings and the kasatha.
  • Agents appointed by the Council keep tap on the various factions that are active in the Sol System, especially the Cult of the Void and the Disciples of the Destroyer.
  • A continuing concern is the spread of aetherial travel on Homeworld, something that the humans would like to control, but that the elves and dwarves believe should be allowed to happen freely.
  • The Council also keeps track of threats to the different planets presented by rogue comets, asteroids and other such bodies.
  • In order to promote interaction and cooperation between various groups of beings, the Council has adopted the Festival of the Comet—an annual competition involving martial prowess, artistic skill and aethership navigation—as an important intercultural event.
  • Toward that same end, the Council has been working to bring individuals from various cultures to attend the important holiday observations of others, such as solstices and equinoxes, birthdays and anniversaries, and the like.
  • Along more mundane lines, the Council brokers trade agreements between the parties that its members represent.

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