Sunday, July 7, 2013

Two New Relics

Detailed here are two new relics, both made from parts taken from deceased human beings.


Hands of Glory
According to legends, this item is made from the hand of a person executed for banditry; it is treated for preservation, and sometimes inscribed with arcane sigils. The creator then makes a candle from the fat of the deceased victim and places it in the palm of the hand; alternately, five candles are created and placed atop the fingertips.

In this way the device harnesses magical energies toward one of two different effects. One can strike fear into those who see it, allowing the wielder to affect victims as per the hypnotism spell once per day, except that 2d10 hit dice of opponents are affected. The other allows the wielder to cast a knock spell once per day. Some occultists speculate that still other types of hands could be created by using materials from different subjects, such as by using the hand and body fat of an executed pirate.

Shrunken Heads
This small, grisly trophy is made from the head of a slain enemy. It is believed to harness the spirit of the fallen foe, as well as to prevent that spirit from taking vengeance on the person who carries it. The head is generally dark in color, due to the process involved in preparing it, and is sometimes decorated with beads or other such trinkets. These are considered to be important honors among the Jivaroan tribes (of South America) that create them, and so they are only crafted on rare occasions.

In game terms, these items function in the same manner as the various ioun stones that grant +2 enhancement bonuses to ability scores. In this case, the bonus granted depends on the highest ability score of the individual by whom the head was created.

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