Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Second Preview of Expeditions & Excavations: A Hazard

Here are rules for mudslides and avalanches, one of four new hazards presented in Treasure Hunter Adventures 6: Expeditions & Excavations



These might be caused by an accumulation of snow that has piled up in a precarious way, or when heavy rain or an earthquake or volcanic eruption shakes loose dirt and rocks. However it happens, heroes caught in this predicament can take the following actions.

  • When this event occurs, there's no real choice but to be carried away by it.

  • After things have settled, the heroes must make Survival or Smarts in order to regain their orientation—that is, to figure out which direction is up.

  • With that in mind, the heroes must then make Athletics checks to dig out from it, with a -2 penalty for mud or dirt and rocks. This can be handled like a dramatic task (SWADE pages 122-3), with suffocation being the result if they are not successful.

  • Of course, other heroes can assist, as long as they were not themselves caught up in the hazard. In such a case, they should be handled as if they are working on their own dramatic task, with Notice checks to find the victim being the first necessary step.

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