Friday, July 8, 2022

I&I for T6G: Fury from the Tomb

Here's another novel that could inspire adventures in a supernatural world of the late 1880s. 


Fury from the Tomb

This novel was a surprise discovery during a visit to my local library; it has been withdrawn from circulation, and therefore added to the shelf of books that are for sale. The title caught my eye, so I skimmed it and was immediately hooked. In fact, it provides a great example of a globe-trotting adventure that starts in Egypt and ends up in the Wild West, and thus is quite right for inspiring adventures in the world of The Sixth Gun and Shadow Roads.

  • In previous posts I mentioned that the language in Territory was highly formal, while in Dr. Potter's Medicine Show it was downright vulgar. This novel's tone finds a nice middle ground, being generally formal with intermittent color from the bounty hunter.

  • I like the characters in this novel, too. They have their flaws, of course, but in the end they are all likable. In fact, I look forward to seeing more of them in the sequel, The Beast of Nightfall Lodge, and I wonder if there will be more in the series.

  • The plot feels in may ways like it was planned for a series of RPG sessions. There are some great set-piece encounters, including ones in an Egyptian tomb, aboard a train, in a desert monastery, and eventually in a mine wrongfully believed to be abandoned.

  • S.A. Sidor, the author, does a great job of creating atmosphere in those scenes. The descriptions are vivid, and I can imagine being the player who hears them and then needs to decide how my character will react to them.

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