Sunday, July 17, 2022

First Preview of Expeditions & Excavations: A Prize

As the first preview for Treasure Hunter Adventures 6: Expeditions & Excavations, here is a relic, the Fountain of Youth. This touches on the fact that prizes for undertakings of this nature--ones that require longterm treks through the wilderness, or extended exploration of specific sites--are often the locations themselves. 


The Fountain of Youth

Throughout history there have been several legends regarding magic waters that could restore youth to a person, mentioned by authors such as Herodotus (484-425 BCE) and Sir John de Mandeville (died 1383 CE). Perhaps the most famous involves the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, who first visited the Americas with the second expedition of Christopher Columbus (1493 CE). He heard rumors of a spring with such waters, and based on them led expeditions into what is now southern Florida. At first these focused on exploration (1513), but eventually the goal became establishing a settlement (1521). It was during this last expedition that the Spaniards ran afoul of the native Calusa people; during one battle, Ponce de Leon was injured and later died. He was buried in Puerto Rico.

Game Information

The Fountain of Youth has the following attributes.

  • Drinking the waters of the Fountain remove the Elderly (Major) Hindrance.

  • At the GM's discretion, the water could also remove conditions that are caused by old injuries, such as those from the Injury Table (SWADE 95).

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