Thursday, June 16, 2022

Reading Again: Shadow Roads--The New World

 Here are my impressions about this short story arc.


The New World 6-7

This short arc was published in February and May of 2019. Here are my impressions:

  • These two issues both clarify the nature of this new (old) world, and open new possibilities. In Issue #6 we are told, “The Six are gone forever. But, their power—their magic—was not destroyed. It was scattered...”

  • At the outset we find Abigail in a place called Purgatory 13, but Kalfu tells us that a group known as the Court of Order has decided to let her return to the world, to prevent the scattered magical power from falling into wicked hands.

  • Rat Port, Arkansas is another great location, even though we don't see much of it.

  • Mizadori is an intriguing villain, and his hotel, which changes in order to confuse visitors, is a cool location for exploration.

  • There are numerous lingering questions, such as, “What is the Shadow Constitution?”

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