Friday, August 23, 2019

The Structure of Aetherships

Note: This article establishes a distinct change from content previously presented for Aetherial Adventures. It is made for aesthetic reasons.

The Structure of Aetherships
The following details regarding the structure and operation of aetherships are hereby changed, as detailed below.
  • The orb of control is no longer needed to operate an aethership; instead, it can be steered using the rudder that is already part of the vessel.
  • This reduces the prices of these ships to following sums: longboat, 5000 gp; dhow, 50,000 gp; bark, 100,000 gp; junk, 150,000 gp; merchantman, 200,000 gp; galleon, 250,000 gp.
  • The cost for constructing each of the vessels, then, is reduced to half of the purchase price.
  • For each vessel, the Driving Device changes to aerial rigging, and the Driving Space changes to the square or squares at the front of the whipstaff or tiller.
  • An aethership that has its rigging shot to pieces—that is, reduced to the wrecked condition—its movement is reduced to 30 feet per round. In effect, it can still hover while the hull is yet intact.
  • When the hull is reduced to the wrecked condition, it loses the ability to hover and begins breaking up, meaning that it has no more movement. If it is the presence of a gravity source, it is then drawn toward that body.

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