Wednesday, November 5, 2014

More Shipboard Modifications

Presented below, for nautical as well as aetherial adventures, are some ideas for regulating the additions and modifications that can be made to ships.


More Shipboard Modifications
Detailed here are more ways in which aethernauts can customize their vessels, along with guidelines for doing so.

Cargo Capacity
Every aethership has a specific cargo capacity. In addition to determining how many crates, barrels and other such items can be loaded into its hold, this number also determines the limit for the total number of additions and modifications that can be made to it.

Type of Ship
Cargo Capacity
50 tons
150 tons
250 tons
350 tons
450 tons

Additions and Modifications
Each of the following modifications and additions, along with the required cargo space for each, are detailed below.

Quarters for two passengers
1 ton
Siege weapon, large
5 tons
Siege weapon, huge
10 tons
Pen, garden or pool
5 tons
Hidden compartments

Note that aetherships are still limited to the total number of siege engine emplacements that they can carry as listed in their stat blocks; this reflects the fact that there are only so many places from which such weapons can have a proper line of fire.

Hidden Compartments
Sometimes aethership captains and their crews like to engage in what is known as the small package trade. To do so, they add cargo compartments which are specially designed so as not to be apparent to any but those who are in the know. This is represented by having the carpenter who adds them make a Craft: carpentry check, with the result of it determining the DC for the Perception check to notice the compartments. Note that the amount of space which can be converted in this matter is limited; after all, a galleon that seems to have no overt cargo capacity is likely to draw suspicion. Therefore, every increment of space equal to 5% of a ship's total cargo limit beyond the first imposes a cumulative +2 circumstance bonus on all checks made to notice those spaces.

Hidden cargo compartments cost 50 gp per ton of space provided; this cost does not include any measure taken to prevent discovery via detect magic or similar spells.

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