Saturday, August 4, 2012

Interlude--The Manor

Today I have a fancy manor house, suitable for use in all kinds of encounters.


Interlude 24—The Manor

This encounter could arise in any number of ways. This kind of home could be located anywhere from Port Royal to London. The PC's might be asked to visit a wealthy patron who doesn't relish doing so in public. Alternately, they might decide to liberate something in the possession of an inhabitant. In the prior case, it could present a challenge of diplomacy, while in the latter, stealth and/or speed could become important.

Refer to the appropriate map for the following area descriptions.

1. Entry
This room is two stories tall, and flanked by staircases on both sides. Double doors open into from the outside, while another set leads into the ball room (Area 15).

2. Parlor
Guests who come to visit the house are received here. To that end, the room is occupied by comfortable armchairs and sofas, along with side tables.

3. Steward's Quarters
The steward (also known as the butler) has his quarters here. It is his job to oversee the rest of the staff in the house, and to receive and announce visitors.

4. Storage
The walls of this room are lined with shelves which hold all of the necessities for keeping a lovely home: fresh linens, candles and lamp oil, extra draperies, spare cushions for furniture and the like.

5. Smoking Room
This room is filled with comfortable chairs, much like the parlor, but it is intended for guests and inhabitants who wish to smoke. As such, it also contains a case of cigars, jars of tobacco and other necessities.

6. Library
Bookshelves line the walls fo this room. They are filled with fancy, leather-bound books. A table surrounded by chairs sits in the middle of it all.

7. Dining Room
A broad table, surrounded by a dozen chairs, commands the center of the room. This is, of course, where meals are held.

8. Kitchen
In addition to a broad oven and cooking stove that occupies the outside wall of the room, this area is filled with racks of cooking supplies, cabinets of spices and the like.

9. Pantry
The walls of this room are filled with shelves holding all kinds of non-perishable foodstuffs, such as flour, rice, sugar, dried goods and more.

10. Cellar (not pictured)
Underneath the pantry is the cellar; a trapdoor and ladder provide access to it. Provisions that need to be kept cool, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, beer and wine, are stored here.

11. Secure Storage
This room is sealed with a stoutly locked door. The family's silver, along with other valuable goods and documents, are kept here.

12. Cook's Quarters
The cook lives in this room, with easy access to the kitchen.

13. Servants' Quarters
The family maintains a staff of three servant girls, who have their quarters here.

14. Footmen's Quarters
There are also three footmen—essentially, guards in fancy uniforms. One is always posted at the front gate, and the others remain at the ready in case of trouble.

15. Ball Room
This broad, open room is only used when the family hosts large gatherings. It is two stories tall, and has skylights in the ceiling as well as chandeliers for lighting.

16. Private Rooms
These bedrooms on the upper level of the house are for the use of family members and guests. Each boasts a bed, desk and chair, dressing table and wardrobe.

17. Master Bedroom
This room is just like the other bedrooms upstairs, except that it is reserved for the husband and wife.


  1. Hi Nate, thanks for all the inspiring work that you are doing!!! I am currently running a Pirates-themed campaign in Sasserine and read your blog to get ideas etc. It really helps! Best Regards, and a thankful Arrrr :)

  2. Passing this on to my mate Rich who loves himself some pirate stuff. he mainly uses savage worlds stuff for his own games, but is unhappy with the fact that there's only the one skill for shooting. What do you use?