Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another Relic

Recently I've been reading an interesting book, Under the Black Flag (by Don C. Seitz--not the book of the same title by David Cordingly); it describes the careers of some lesser-known pirates. Today's post is inspired by the story of Edward Low.


Low's Knife
Although the tales told of pirates sometimes make their lives seem romantic, like free spirits a la Robin Hood and his Merry Men, the reality is usually much more grim. Indeed, many of them could be ruthless and bloodthirsty. Perhaps none is as notorious in this way as Edward Low. During his career as a pirate, he was reported to have abused unfortunate victims in increasingly cruel and creative ways. One captain was heinously whipped, another was simply beheaded, and a third was disemboweled. Perhaps the most gruesome was the time when he forced one fellow to eat his own ears with a little pepper and salt.

The weapon associated with him is a buccaneer knife, albeit one that is worn from frequent use and marred by blood stains that can never be completely washed away. In game terms, Low's knife functions like a buccaneer knife +2. It has some of the same qualities of a mace of blood, however, in that it forces the wielder to make a DC 13 Will save once per day or become chaotic evil. Once that happens, the blade's influence functions like that of a berserking sword. When drawing it, the wielder must make another DC 13 Will save or go berserk and attack the nearest creature(s) until dead, or until there is no other living creature within thirty feet.

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