Monday, February 21, 2022

Highlights from Con of the North 2022

This year I ran four rounds of Treasure Hunter Adventures for the Savage Worlds RPG. Two were on Saturday, at 8:00 and noon, and two in the same time slots on Sunday. Both used the Iconic Heroes (Gavin, Vaughn, Linh, Thaddeus and Magadalena) for pre-generated characters. 

Con of the North

Treasure Hunter Adventures

Iconic Heroes for Treasure Hunter Adventures

The Templar Mystery

Highlights of the Saturday sessions included: 

  • Entering the church depicted above--which was buried inside an unnatural hill--one of the heroes botched and fell fifty feet to the stone floor, barely surviving and spending the rest of the round with broken ribs. 
  • Once a battle with the villains erupted in the hidden vault, Vaughn threw a pickaxe and impaled their leader with deadly results. 

The Templar Vessel

Highlights of the Sunday sessions included: 

  • When villains--the same ones from the previous adventure--stormed the heroes' chartered dive boat, seen above, there was plenty of swashbuckling action, including goons being tackled over railings and into the sea with push attacks. 
  • At one point Thaddeus was locked in a melee with the possessed Professor Hall, with the latter cursing in ancient Sumerian and the prior praying for his soul in Latin. 
  • Finally, the heroes weaponized an ice bucket that first held poisoned champagne, an then was used to with an emetic given to revive a knocked-out character. 

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