Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Third Preview of Mercenaries & Magic: The Oriflamme

 Here's another preview of Treasure Hunter Adventures 4: Mercenaries & Magic. This one presents a new prize, the Oriflamme. 


The Oriflamme

Originally believed to have been carried by forces under the command of Emperor Charlemagne, this long red banner is sometimes described as having an image of the sun, possibly with rays of fire coming from it. It is believed to convey the message that no quarter will be asked or given in a battle, and is said to have been carried—and possibly lost—at numerous historic battles, including the Seventh Crusade, Poitiers and Agincourt. The Oriflamme is also mentioned in the epic poem Chanson de Roland.

Game Information

The Oriflamme has the following attributes.

  • Leadership Edges used by one whose forces carry this banner have a Command Range extending to all allies who can see it, at the GM's discretion.

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