Saturday, December 3, 2016

Temple of Ptah

Drawing inspiration from the old Spelljammer setting, here's a layout for temple dedicated to Ptah, the Universal Architect.


The Temple of the Universal Architect
Situated atop the hill overlooking the city from its southern side, this temple is the center of faith in the one deity who has planned all things. 

1. Entry
Broad double doors, stout wood banded with iron, provide entrance into the temple (hardness 5 and 40 hit points; DC 25 Disable Device check to break). Inside is a twenty-foot-by-twenty-foot chamber barred by a similar set of doors, allowing the priests to seal the building in the event of trouble.

2. Sanctuary

This broad, circular, open chamber is capped by a dome that rises to fifty feet in height. In the center stands a statue of the deity, facing north—the direction of the darkness that represents ignorance. Around the outside wall are shelves filled with books, scrolls, tablets and other such texts. The rest of the floor is open, providing the space in which the faithful place their prayer rugs.  

3. Study Niches
Each of these areas, set off from the main sanctuary, has a table and chairs for those who wish to study. Natural light is provided by tall windows.

4. Clerics' Quarters
These chambers are furnished with half a dozen beds, beneath each of which is a footlocker for storing personal items. There's also a table and chairs for study or recreation. 

5. Minarets
At each corner of the temple, a tall and narrow tower rises sixty feet into the air. A spiral staircase leads upward from ground level, leading to a trapdoor in the floor of the open platform at the top. From these positions, clerics use tripod-mounted telescopes to observe the heavens. A waist-high railing encircles each such platform. On their bottom levels, the minarets open into the temple's catacombs.

6. Tunnels and Burial Niches
These tunnels are cramped and dark, making for uncomfortable passage. Bodies of deceased clerics that have been properly prepared—through mummification, of course—are place in the niches, which are then covered over with thin stone slabs.

7. Secret Library
Those texts and artifacts that the high priest deems to be too dangerous for most individuals to study are kept here. One of the burial niches (see map) actually contains a secret door, which requires a DC 25 Perception check to locate, and a similar Disable Device effort to bypass. Just what this collection contains is left to the GM to determine.


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