Friday, August 7, 2015

New Edges, Hindrances and Relics for Pirates of the Spanish Main

While I've been working on some adventures for Pirates of the Spanish Main, I've had some ideas for new edges, hindrances and relics. These are presented below, as a work in progress that I'll update as I can.


----------------------------New Edges----------------------------

Requirements: Novice.
You possess some kind of relic that has been passed down through your family from generation to generation. This might be a weapon carried in military service, a religious artifact, or something similar. The player or GM could roll randomly using the tables from pages 205-6 of the core rulebook, or work together to choose an item that is appropriate to the hero's background story.
Note that, while this is most appropriate as a background feat, it might also be taken if the hero in question acquires the item while making a discovery about his or her own family history, or through similar circumstances.

Iron Lungs
Requirements: Novice; Swimming skill d4.
You can hold your breath for longer than normal, a number of seconds equal to ten times your Vigor score, before you begin to suffer the effects of drowning.

Requirements: Novice.
You have a useful or colorful pet, such as a dog (see page 224 of the core rulebook), horse (page 231), monkey (page 234) or parrot (page 236).

Trained Pet
Requirements: Novice, Pet edge.
Your pet is even more highly trained than normal. Choosing this edge grants the animal the benefits of a raise, either by increasing an attribute or skill, or the benefits of an edge (limited by the approval of the GM, of course).

-------------------------New Hindrances-----------------------

Secret (Minor or Major)
Unlike other hindrances, this one initially provides no particular penalty—mechanical, role playing-based or otherwise. Instead, it gives the GM the opportunity to make up an unknown background for the character in question at the most opportune (or, as the case may be, inopportune) moment.

----------------------------New Relics----------------------------

Apostles ($50): This collection of twelve cartridges provides power and bullet for pistol or musket shots. Additionally, each is inscribed with the name of Christ's apostles: Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, Hames, Thaddeus, Simon and Judas.
In game terms, each of these shots provides a +1 bonus to Shooting and damage rolls—not because of any inherent magical power, but because the user believes they have power. Each is, of course, expended when used.


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