Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two Relics and More

While I'm still putting the finishing touches on the next adventure, for today I have descriptions for two more legendary treasures, along with suggestions for lucky charms based on the Magic fortune. What is more, tomorrow I'll post an article about developing treasured items throughout the course of play.


Apostles Cannons
These twelve cannon are each inscribed with the name of one of the Apostles, just like is sometimes done with prepared rounds for muskets and pistols. They also boast elaborate scrollwork and engraving. These cannon were forged at the behest of King Philip of Spain, for use in the war in Flanders. Rumor has it that, in the aftermath of that conflict, they were transferred from field carriages to ones appropriate for use aboard ships.

In game terms, the Apostles cannons function just like the prepared rounds, as +1 holy ammunition, except that they can be used over and over again, although they must remain together as a set. Note, however, that this makes the untrustworthy Judas cannon a calculated risk if used in battle.

Executioner's Sword
While not as well known as those who came after them, Klaus Störtebeker and his crew of mercenaries, the Vitalienbrüder, were some of the first pirates to achieve notoriety in Europe. They were initially hired to run food supplies through a blockade of Stockholm. Following that battle they became out-and-out pirates, operating out of Gotland and other locations. Eventually, of course, Störtebeker and his fellows were captured.

At their execution, the pirate captain struck a deal with his captors; they would spare all of the men past whom he could walk after being beheaded. Much to their surprise, his body, minus a head, managed to stand up and walk past eleven men—and only fell because the executioner tripped it. Going back on their word, the authorities still had those men killed. When they asked the executioner if he was growing tired, he responded that he still had strength enough to dispatch all of them, as well, and so they killed him, too.

In game terms, the executioner's sword functions as an anarchic greatsword +1.

Lucky Charms
The Skull & Bones core rulebook details a good fortune, Magic, that lets characters start out with some kind of trinket that has actual in-game effects. Detailed here are a number of possibilities for such items. Moreover, there are some suggestions for how these kinds of lucky charms can develop their powers through the course of game play.

Holy symbols—These could include a crucifix, rosary or the like. Possible powers include allowing the bearer to cast bane, bless, divine favor or protection from good or evil once per day. If a campaign features the undead or similar creatures, this might also include a supply of holy water.

Fetishes—In many ways, these items are just like the holy symbols, mentioned above. For possible examples of such items and the powers they might have, refer to the appendix for the adventure “The Message.”

Signature clothing or accessory—This might be a favorite hat, a colorful sash, a coin that is always carried and often manipulated, or similar items. Powers for it might include providing a +1 dodge to AC for three rounds a day, or a +2 bonus to skill checks with the same frequency.

A lady's (or gentleman's) favor—Most commonly, this is a handkerchief or similar small token, given by a loved one to another who is departing on some kind of journey. Possible powers include providing the benefits of the virtue spell, or rerolling a die as per the granted power for the luck domain.

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