Monday, July 2, 2012

New Treasure--The Mermaid's Comb and Glass

While I'm working on other material--including an adventure and an article--here's a treasure for use in pirate-themed games.


Mermaid's Looking Glass and Comb
There's an old sea chanty that tells of a sailor's encounter with a mermaid. According to the song:

“Last Easter day, in the morning fair,
We were not far from land,
When we spied a mermaid sitting on a rock,
With a comb and glass in her hand.

The notion of course is that mermaids have little better to do than to gather on sun-soaked rocks and swap tales with each other while combing their hair and gazing at their beauty in their mirrors—which certainly is not true.

There is, however, some kind of magic that provides the power of these items. While separate they have not special powers, but together they enhance the physical charms of the characters who use them. In game terms, using the comb and looking glass together provides the benefits of an eagle's splendor spell, with a caster level of 3. They can only be used once per day by any given individual; subsequent uses have no effect.

The comb is made of ivory or some other bone-like material, while the mirror consists of silver and glass. Legends tell of a fancier pair of items, the benefits of which are permanent for the user. Whether or not that is true, it is a fact that these items are a valuable prize and make a cherished gift for women and men who take serious interest in their appearance.

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