Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Item--Skin Cloak

Here's a new, rather gruesome magical item drawn from Aztec traditions.


Aztec Skin Cloak
This item, a sacred part of the rituals practiced by certain Aztec groups. It is created by carefully removing the skin from a person, and then praying over it and anointing it with special materials. These rituals are performed in honor of Xipe Totec, the deity who personifies life, death and rebirth. If prepared correctly, the cloak contains the life energy of the victim, and allows the priest who wears it to cast healing spells using that energy.
The power of the item varies, depending on the hit dice and hit points of the sacrificial victim. In game terms, the victim's hit dice determines the level of the healing spell that it can be used to cast, as reflected on the table below. Moreover, the cloak can only be used to heal a total number of hit points equal to the amount possessed by said victim.

HD / Spell Cloak Can Cast
0-1 / Cure minor wounds
2-3 / Cure light wounds
4-5 / Cure moderate wounds
6-7 / Cure serious wounds
8-9 / Cure critical wounds
10+ / Heal

For example, Jacques the Logwoodcutter becomes the unfortunate victim of this ritual. Since he is a 5th-level Buccaneer with 42 hit points, the cloak made from his skin can be used to cast cure minor, light or moderate wounds, up to a total of 42 hit points before running out of curative energy.

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