Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two New Feats

Detailed below are two new feats for use with any d20 game, but that are especially appropriate for buccaneers and natives.


You are adept at concealing yourself in wilderness areas and then making ranged attacks against your enemies.
Prerequisites: Hide 4 ranks
Benefit: You take a -10 penalty when trying to use the Hide skill after making a ranged attack. If you take more than one ranged attack, this penalty increases by -5 per additional attack that you take.
Normal: You may only take one ranged attack before trying to use the Hide skill, and take a -10 penalty to the skill check when doing so.

You are familiar with the sounds of local fauna and can impersonate them, using them to communicate with others.
Prerequisites: Survival or Knowledge: nature 4 ranks
Benefit: With an appropriate skill check (see Prerequisites, above) you can impersonate the sounds of local fauna. Only those who make a similar check and beat your result recognize that it is not the real thing.
Special: It is assumed that you have worked out a set of signals with your associates in advances of making any checks. Communication is not complex in nature, usually involving the sound of a particular animal for each type of message. For example, the squawk of parrot could mean enemies are near, while the cry of a seagull might indicate that the coast is clear.

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