Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Treasure--Mission's Banner

Today's update is another relic, the flag of the unusual Captain Mission.


The Mission Banner
Many and varied are the flags that have been flown on pirate vessels. Some have been fairly simple, such as those of Calico Jack Rackham or Black Sam Bellamy; others had more complicated messages, such as those of Bartholomew Roberts and Edward “Blackbeard” Teach. None of these notorious banners, however, is quite like that of the curious Captain Mission.

Captain Mission was a French navy man who, when given the opportunity, talked his crew into going on the account—but under a much different philosophy. Instead of the usual “no prey, no pay” motivation, his guiding principles were regularity, tranquility and humanity. It was his practice to spare enemy sailors, sending them to a nearby port, and to free any slaves who came into his custody. In this way he built a loyal cadre of crew members who followed him to an island near Madagascar, where they established a colony known as Libertalia.

Mission's banner is a rectangle of white cloth, embroidered with a Latin phrase:

A Deo a Libertate (For God and Liberty)

In game terms, the banner grants the crew of the ship that flies it the benefits of a bless spell, provided that group embodies Mission's own tenets. Should the captain or crew take actions that stray from such principles, the effect is reversed and should be treated as a curse spell for as long as said instigator remains aboard that vessel.

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