Thursday, January 27, 2022

Reading Again--The Sixth Gun: A Town Called Penance

 Here are my thoughts about this story arc. 


A Town Called Penance 18-23

This story arc ran for six issues, published from January to June of 2012. Here are my impressions:

  • The two towns called Penance are weird. Their people are warped by the presence of a Seal in the aquifer beneath them. This, for me, changed the tone of the story at the start of this series.

  • I would buy a book of well-drawn maps that represent major locations in this series, especially if one depicts the underground stronghold for the Knights of Solomon. The artwork in this series is, once again, awesome.

  • That stronghold, then, sets up more great action sequences, with a waterfall that breaks free of its mount, stalactites falling from the ceiling, and other such elements.

  • Here, too, there are numerous factions in play, with the inhabitants of the two towns, Becky and Drake, and the Knights of Solomon.

  • The oracles that the Knights use are creepy and effective.

  • The silent issue, #21, is a fun change of pace, having no dialogue or sound effects. This, apparently, is an homage to issue #21 from the original G.I. Joe series, which featured Snake Eyes and has a cover that clearly inspired this one. It raises interesting questions about limiting talk between the players at the table, when the situation is appropriate.

  • The epilogue leaves a plot device open for exploitation—the amulet that Kirby used to charm Becky, now in the possession of a lady in Memphis.

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