Saturday, September 11, 2021

Update to Appendix N: Thieves of Baghdad

It seems appropriate to post this update of my Appendix N for Treasure Hunter Adventures on this, the twentieth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001. Among many other repercussions, those events led to the invasion of Iraq, which in turn contributed to looting at the national museum in Baghdad--and, thus, the efforts described in this book. 

Appendix N for Treasure Hunter Adventures


Title: Thieves of Baghdad

Author: Matthew Bogdanos, with William Patrick

Publisher and Date: Bloomsbury, 2006


This book tells the story of Colonel Matthew Bogdanos, USMC. He had retired from military service, and was working as a prosecutor in New York City; that put him close to Ground Zero when the World Trade Center was destroyed by terrorists on 9/11. As such he was recalled to active duty, serving first in Afghanistan before heading to Iraq to help investigate looting at the national museum in Baghdad. The bulk of the tale focuses on those efforts, and it is a very interesting story indeed.

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