Saturday, June 22, 2019

Pathfinder 2 vs. D&D 5e vs. Savage Worlds and More

My brother and his family are visiting this summer, and he's started running Ghosts of Saltmarsh for us as a summer series. It's been fun so far, and we've just finished the first module, The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. Here are a few pictures of our raid on the smugglers' ship from last night.

For those who are interested, by the way, here's a link to more pictures of my brother's projects.

This has brought a number of issues to my mind, including the following.

  • It's fun to be playing D&D again. I know that Pathfinder is 3rd Edition by another name, but still. 
  • The more rules-light take of 5e has been a nice change of pace. I ran Pathfinder for my 2017-18 campaign, and sometimes the heavy mechanics slow down the pace of play. 
  • Along those lines, I enjoyed running Savage Worlds for my 2018-19 campaign; it was a nice change of pace, and I still have plenty of material for future adventures. 
  • I've been hearing and reading mixed reviews for Pathfinder 2,  which makes me wonder if I want to buy into the new system. I could, of course, continue playing the old one, for which I have lots of books, but when I run games at conventions it's nicer when they are still widely available in print. 
  • Green Ronin also announced that they'll be relaunching their iconic Freeport setting--the one that started my interest in pirates and thus led to me creating this blog in the first place--for a new game system. Scuttlebutt has it that this will be Fantasy Age, Green Ronin's own game. I'm really torn about the idea of buying a new game just to be able to play in Freeport. 

Only time will tell...


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