Sunday, December 2, 2018


An unusual phenomenon seen at times throughout the galaxy is these disturbances of space itself. Each one looks like a dark ring shrouded by pulsating energy and filled with the same. It is, essentially, a portal that connects two points in space, ones that can be separated by an unlimited distance; in that way it acts like a dimension door spell, albeit one with unlimited range. What is more, wyrmholes work with the following guidelines.
  • Wyrmholes tend to open near sources of gravitational pull, such as stars and planets, but do not open to closely to those sources. There appearance is unpredictable.
  • Additionally, any sources of notable gravity—such as an aethership—inside a wyrmhole prevents it from closing. In this way, it seems that vessels traveling through them cannot be trapped in between location; it is not known, however, if individuals are so protected.
  • To determine if a wyrmhole is present in the Sol System at any given time, roll 1d100 once per fortnight (every two weeks); 1-50 means that one is in the system, and 51-100 means that it is somewhere else.
  • If a wyrmhole is present, then refer to the system's Planetary Tracker to determine its location. Roll 2d4 to determine the quadrant (northwest, northeast, southeast or southwest) and vector in that quadrant; then roll 1d6 to determine just how far away from the primary it appears.
  • Note, too, that wyrmholes cannot appear in sectors occupied by planets. Should such a result occur, then reroll it.
  • To find the destination on the other end of wyrmhole, roll 1d12; a result of 1-4 leads to the planet Draconis, a 5-8 leads somewhere else in the same system (determined in the same manner as the entrance, above), and 9-12 takes travelers somewhere else entirely (such as to another star system, the verge of a black hole, or something similar).
  • The DC for a Perception check to notice a wyrmhole from a distance is ten times the number of sections on the Planetary Tracker that separate it and the viewer.
  • At the GM's discretion, wyrmholes could even lead to other planes of existence.
  • There are, of course, many stories of lost ships that disappeared into these anomalies—ones that were engaged in important business, and that might contain valuable information or treasures.
  • Finally, it sometimes happens that weird creatures emerge from these wyrmholes and wreck havoc upon the unfamiliar places in which they find themselves.

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