Thursday, July 2, 2015

Crossroads PDF

Presented here is the last bit of information for the Crossroads asteroid colony, including adventure hooks. There's also a link to the entire document as a PDF in my Dropbox.


Crossroads PDF

10. The Tunnels
Those who are familiar with the history of Crossroads know that the asteroid was once mined by dwarves, but they sold it to Luciano Reda after the veins of ore stopped producing. What most people don't know, however, is that those mines aren't entirely empty. There are rats, of course; that's no surprise, but other, deadlier things lurk here, too. The exact nature of what's inside is left for the GM to develop.

Adventure Hooks for Crossroads
There are many ways in which this asteroid colony can be worked into space fantasy adventures and campaigns; just a few of the possibilities are listed here.
  • When the powers that be discover the monsters inhabiting the tunnels beneath Crossroads, they seek a band of adventurers who can deal with the problem.
  • The dwarves who sold the asteroid to Luciano Reda still work out in the belt; when space pirates begin jumping their claims, they turn to the people of Crossroads for help.
  • A rowdy ship's crew in port—such as the orc hunters—brings plenty of boisterous celebration, but such a raucous mood could also lead to violence.
  • Should one of the PCs anger a cavalier of the Order of the Lion, that individual might challenge said character to a duel.
  • When an aethership crashes during its approach of the Crossroads docks, the PCs could be called in to help find survivors; the matter also begs the question of just what it was that caused the ship to crash.
  • The settlement could be attacked by lunarmas, or visited by brethedans or mi-go.
  • One of the locals has an enemy who decides to attack the settlement's elemental obelisk, thereby forcing an evacuation of the facility.

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