Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lots of Piratey Goodness

This has been a good week for gamer/pirate enthusiasts. After long periods of waiting, three different elements combined for a perfect storm.

1. On Tuesday, the adventure Dark Deeds in Freeport was released. This was one of the first crowd-funded projects that I ever supported, and my gaming group helped playtest the scenario a while back. We had fun, and I've been waiting to see the final product since then. Check it out on

Dark Deeds in Freeport

2. On Thursday, after more protracted waiting, a second crowd-funded project came to fruition: I was given the rough-cut PDF for the new Pathfinder-oriented Freeport sourcebook. In the past I've mentioned that the Freeport adventures, which were published back when Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition premiered, are what led me to start reading about pirates and, ultimately, to start this blog. I am excited to see a book detailing the setting and tying it into Pathfinder, but I'll be more excited when the hardcover copy comes in the mail.

3. Yesterday (Friday) brought the premiere of the NBC series Crossbones. I've been waiting for this for some time, and it didn't disappoint. While the ship-to-ship combat scenes were not as grandiose as those of Black Sails (reviewed previously), the focus on intriguing characters was more notable. In addition to Blackbeard (played by the always enjoyable John Malkovich), there's an intriguing protagonist (Tom Lowe, played by Richard Coyle) along with a host of other curious individuals. Perhaps my favorite is Fletch (the loblolly boy, played by Chris Perfetti), who is completely over his head as a prisoner on a pirate island. All in all, this show has introduced some interesting characters and conflicts, with the backdrop of a gorgeous island setting, and I'm eager to see the next episode.



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