Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Three Years Running

It pleases me to post this update. Three years ago I started this blog, and I think it's been going well since then. Not only have I been able to maintain a steady stream of posts, but this past year has been my most productive so far. I already have a number of ideas in the works for 2013, so the year looks promising.

What is more, I've set up a Dropbox account with which to share documents. So far I've uploaded PDF compilations of my blog posts from the past three years, along with a character sheet addendum that I like for encouraging players to write about their PC's. Here are the links for those pages. Please let me know if they aren't working; you can e-mail me, as always, at nathanael(dot)christen(at)gmail(dot)com.


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  1. Hi Nate

    i found your blog via

    Awesome collection of pirate adventures, many thanks for PDf'ing them all