Sunday, November 18, 2012

Two Magical Items

Today I have two new magical items, one drawn from the history of the Spanish Main and the other taken from Homer's Odyssey.


Cimaroon Scimitar
Although there were other freebooters who came before him, Sir Francis Drake was the first English sailor who really made a name for himself by raiding the settlements of the Spanish Main. In this he was of course assisted by his crewmen, but there were others who received less credit—the Cimaroons. They were escaped slaves who lived in small jungled communities, wilderness warriors who served as guides, porters and scouts for the Englishmen. It was through their aid that Drake and his forces managed to raid a caravan of mules carrying a fortune in gold and silver, a year's worth of profits being shipped back to Spain. Among the treasures claimed, the freebooters acquired a gilded scimitar covered in gilded engraving. This Drake presented to the leader of the Cimaroons as a token of his appreciation. In game terms, the sword functions as a scimitar +1, speed

This rare herb has the power to protect people who consume it from various kinds of sorcery. Its powers have been known for at least two and a half millennia, since it is mentioned in the Greek epic The Odyssey. In that tale, the messenger god Hermes delivers a sample of the herb to the hero Odysseus to help defend against the enchantments of the witch Circe, who had turned his crewmen into animals. With it Odysseus is able to overcome Circe's influence and eventually continue his journey homeward. The epic describes moly as having black roots and a white flower. Moreover, it is said to be dangerous for mortals to pick, but no such problem for the gods.

In game terms, harvesting and preparing a sprig of moly requires a Knowledge: nature check, with a synergy bonus for having at least five ranks in Knowledge: arcana. The result of the check determines the risk of being poisoned by the plant instead of gaining its beneficial effects, a +5 circumstance bonus to all saves made to risk magical effects for the next four hours. Once the herb has been harvested, it remains fresh for one day's time. After that it can be dried, but its effectiveness is reduced to a +2 bonus.

Result / Effects
0-9 / DC 21 Fortitude save; damage 1d6 Constitution initial and secondary
10-19 / DC 18 Fortitude save; damage 1d4 Constitution initial and secondary
20-29 / DC 15 Fortitude save; damage 1d2 Constitution initial and secondary
30+ / No risk of harm

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