Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Coat and Hat of Baron Samedi

Recently I've been reading about Voodoo, and this has inspired a new relic for the game.


Coat and Hat of Baron Samedi
In Voodoo tradition, the loa known as Baron Samedi is depicted as a man of African descent with his face whitened like a skull, and wearing a black top hat and coat. Indeed, those two garments are sometimes placed atop and on the arms of a cross, respectively, as a representation of this powerful entity. Sometimes the articles of clothing used in this way become infused with arcane power. This might be due to the influence of Baron Samedi himself, or perhaps because of the faith and fervor projected upon the items by believers. Whatever the case, none can argue that they don't become imbued with considerable power.

In game terms, this item functions like a mantle of faith, with one difference. Hougans who wear it receive damage reduction 5/evil, while bokor benefit from DR 5/good. This reflects the dual nature of the Baron; for some he is the psychopomp who guides souls to the afterlife, while for others he is a power who spreads debauchery and death.

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