Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have a short update for today while I'm polishing up the next adventure in the Come Hell and High Water series, "Reprisal."

These are some new fortunes to augment the ones in the Skull & Bones supplement.


New Fortunes

Whether it has been from birth or because it is due to an accident, some kind of curse or as a punishment for your crimes, you are blind.
Effects: You suffer the effects of blindness at all times, as detailed in the OGL core rules: -2 penalty to Armor Class, loses Dexterity bonus to AC, moves at half speed, and suffers a -4 penalty to many Strength- and Dexterity-based skill checks. Moreover, all Search and Spot checks automatically fail, unless that character actually enters an area and can feel the surroundings, and all opponents are considered to have total concealment (50%) miss chance.

Dog's Best Friend
This is simply a variation on the Parrot Perch/Monkey Magnet fortune in the Skull & Bones rulebook, but it applies to a canine companion. It is added as a placeholder for those characters who wish to use it as a prerequisite for the Bonded Pet feat.

Some might consider you lucky, being allowed to enter the women's quarters, but you know the price you pay for it: you've had your testicles removed, rendering you impotent. This might have been the result of special selection to serve as a harem guard, or as a punishment because of some crime that you committed. (If it was because of a crime, chances are that you're not actually allowed into the harem.
Effects: You can no longer sire children, but, if you have a trustworthy history, you could be allowed to serve harem guard duty. You have a lovely singing voice, too.

Among some pirates it is customary to mark those who've stolen from their crewmates by slitting their ears and noses; you suffer from such an ignominious distinction. It is up to you to share the details of what you did to earn such a punishment, but one thing is certain: all who see you recognize that you've committed some kind of offense.
Effects: You suffer a -5 circumstance penalty on all Diplomacy checks made to influence pirates, and on Sway checks; you also suffer a -2 penalty to all other Charisma-related skill checks except Intimidate.

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