Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Reading Again--The Sixth Gun: Valley of Death

Presented below are some of my impressions and ideas from reading again the comic books from the series The Sixth Gun and Shadow Roads, with an emphasis on using their stories to inspire Savage Worlds RPG adventures and campaigns.


Valley of Death 1-3

These three issues were originally published from June to August in 2015. Here are my impressions:

  • Early in Issue 1 we are told that the Four Clans “gathered to face a common enemy” some 300 years before. If this story takes place in the early 1800s, then I wonder if Christopher Columbus, Hernan Cortes or another explorer was that enemy.

  • Similarly, the four clans worked together more than 900 years prior “to save all of creation from the Six.” Two candidates come to mind as power brokers in the early 800s—Harun al-Rashid of Baghdad, famous in the Arabian Knights stories, and Charlemagne. Indeed, it is interesting to imagine that the Twelve Peers might have been searching for the Six.

  • It is cool to see a party of Native American characters, along with Kalfu.

  • I also enjoy learning some history of Screaming Crow, White Wolf and Buzzard Wife.

  • The idea that a place would be perceived differently by characters from different backgrounds is an intriguing one. I can imagine a scenario in which different heroes see a location as Fort Arneson, a Templar Castle, or even a Native village—and they must all find pieces to a puzzle in those seemingly different places.

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