Saturday, July 4, 2020

THA2: Prizes, Puzzles and Perils

Available today on is Treasure Hunter Adventures 2: Prizes, Puzzles and Perils!


Thursday, July 2, 2020

Relics for Treasure Hunter Adventures

Here's another preview of Treasure Hunter Adventures 2: Prizes, Puzzles & Perils; this one presents one of the treasure items detailed in the supplement, the weapon known as Xiuhcoatl.


As mentioned above, this item was last wielded by the Aztec Emperor Montezuma. It had been passed down to him from Huitzilopochtli, who had led the Aztecs to their homeland at a place where he saw an eagle alight atop a cactus, with a serpent on the ground beneath it. When Hernan Cortes led the Spanish conquest of Mexico starting in 1519, it was taken as part of the loot sent back to King Charles V, but was lost in a pirate attack.

Game Information
Xiuhcoatl has the following attributes.
  • In combat, the atlatl provides +1 to Throwing attacks and inflicts +2 damage.
  • Additionally, it can be used to invoke the Bolt power by calling upon the wrath of the ancestor Huitzilopochtli.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Organizations for Treasure Hunter Adventures

Here's a preview of Treasure Hunter Adventures 2: Prizes, Puzzles and Perils. Presented here is one of the four organizations detailed in that supplement, the Office of Strategic Services.


Office of Strategic Services
Established during the build-up to World War II, this group's ostensible purpose was to coordinate intelligence activities for American forces—giving rise to the nickname “Oh So Secret.” Due to the Nazi interest in the occult, however, they soon began studying that subject as well. While their primary mission was to prevent the Nazis from using relics that they'd recovered, by locking them away in a secure facility, some operatives actually tried wielding magic in the war effort. Officially disbanded by order of President Truman in 1945, when it was replaced by the Central Intelligence Agency, the O.S.S. continued to pursue occult investigations. It initially had branches in Europe, North Africa and East Asia, but eventually spread out from there. To this day it is still active, answering only to the President of the United States, in pursuing relics and lore and thus ensuring that they are not used to harm American interests.

Plot Hooks
Here are a few ways the O.S.S. can be used in treasure hunting adventures and campaigns.
  • The heroes could, of course, be agents of this organization.
  • Alternately, during a hunt they could find that a rival is an O.S.S. operative, and thus face the decision of working with or against that person.
  • Given the secrecy under which this group works, such interactions could mean that the heroes would face background checks and stringent questioning, and be required to sign non-disclosure agreements to continue working together.
  • Political leanings could lead to conflict within the organization.
  • If the O.S.S. were infiltrated by another group, then it would become a major thorn in the side of the heroes—especially if that group thus gained access to the relics that are kept in its warehouse.
  • Finally, the heroes might need to break into that facility themselves in order to steal a particular item, or to find clues as part of a hunt.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Death Mask of Hatshepsut for Savage Worlds RPG

Now available for purchase on is the first full scenario for use with Treasure Hunter Adventures and the Savage Worlds RPG.


Thursday, June 18, 2020

Preview--The Death Mask of Hatshepsut

Here's a preview of the first full scenario for Treasure Hunter Adventures using the Savage Worlds RPG; it is called The Death Mask of Hatshepsut.


The Legend
According to tales, a British Egyptologist by the name of Douglass Murray was approached in Cairo by an American adventurer who was looking to sell some artifacts recently recovered from a tomb. One of these was the death mask of the Queen Hatshepsut, a pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty who some thought might have had divine blood. Although Murray decided to purchase the mask, the American never profited from the sale—he died only three days later. Shortly after that, before returning to Britain, Murray lost his hand when the rifle that he was firing exploded. The wound turned gangrenous and as a result he had to have his arm amputated at the elbow.

Murray’s fortunes improved little even after returning home. Upon arrival he was informed that two of his servants and two other close associates had died abruptly and from mysterious causes. Beginning to fear that the mask might have been the cause of these incidents, he decided to leave the item at the residence of his girlfriend. She had taken an interest in the relic, but soon regretted it—she began to suffer from a wasting disease that nearly killed her. By then Murray simply wanted the mask out of his life, and arranged a trade with an American museum for some Montana dinosaur bones. The mask was packed up and shipped off to the United States, sailing aboard the RMS Titanic. According to all accounts,when that vessel struck an iceberg and sank it was lost forever... 

Until now. 

Recently an aspiring treasure hunter found what he believes is a clue to the mask's location, and he's recruiting others to help him find it.

Egyptian Sojourn
I sit and ponder the Great Secret
In the shadow of the monument
To Anthony’s mistress,
Under the watchful eye of Ra
In his ultimate strength.

It is my turn now to face judgment in the Hall of Truth, and the weighing of my heart. To lighten my load, I leave behind the burden I saved from frigid death, and my Egyptian Sojourn shows the way to claiming it.”

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Iconic Heroes for THA and Savage Worlds

Now available via are five iconic heroes, ready to print and play, designed for use with Treasure Hunter Adventures and the Savage Worlds RPG.


Sunday, June 14, 2020

Iconic Heroes for Treasure Hunter Adventures

Here's a preview of five characters ready for use with the Treasure Hunter Adventures supplement and the Savage Worlds RPG.


Artwork by Jeshields.

Gavin Kline
Always fascinated by magic, Gavin as a kid would watch performers, try to figure out their tricks, and develop ones of his own. This also started his love of acting, and he found that he could disappear into the roles he was playing. His studies of more serious magic led him to meeting Magdalena Gonzalez, who in turn introduced him to Thaddeus Woodward and his group of treasure hunters. For him, it is the thrill of the caper that makes it interesting.

Vaughn Adkisson
Born and raised in a small Texas town, Vaughn played football and worked in his family's auto shop. It was at a race that he met Linh Soung, who appreciated his mechanical aptitude as much as he respected her skill behind the wheel. She also introduced him to Thaddeus and other friends who were interested in treasure hunting. He sees himself as a protector of his associates.

Linh Soung
From a young age, Linh developed a love of fast cars. She attended street races in which her older brothers competed, and sat behind the wheel before she was old enough to do so legally. It was during a race that she befriended Vaughn Adkisson, who was a skilled mechanic, and in the aftermath of a police raid that she met Thaddeus Woodward, who argued that she could use her abilities for a higher purpose. As long as she can show off a little, she's happy.

Thaddeus Woodward
Growing up in urban Chicago, Thaddeus split his time between the church, where his father was the preacher and his mom led the choir, and the streets, where many of his friends spent their days. He realized that many people were missing a certain spiritual element in their lives, and decided to help others find it. To that end he formed his band of treasure hunters, of whom he sees himself as the leader.

Magdalena Gonzalez
Raised in rural New Mexico, Magdalena spent a lot of time with her grandmother, who was a bruja. From her she learned the basic elements of magic, and after high school she sought to learn more about other cultures and their traditions. That is what led her to meet Thaddeus Woodward, who shared her interest in the spiritual aspects of the world. For her, treasure hunting is the path to knowledge beyond what she can learn from classes and textbooks.