Thursday, August 29, 2019

Spirits of the Void

Here's a band of pirates for use in space fantasy campaigns.


Spirits of the Void
While there are more than a few pirates who ply the vast open spaces of the Void, none is more feared than those known as the Spirits of the Void. They have a reputation for appearing as if out of nowhere, fighting with quarter neither asked nor given, taking what they want, and leaving few if any survivors.

Note: The oni image used in the flag was created by Delapouite.

The Crew
All of the vessel's crew are detailed as follows.
  • The captain, Lord Kyodaina, is an oni (refer to page 221 of the Bestiary for details).
  • His marines are ogres, sixteen in number (refer to page 220 of the Bestiary for details).
  • There are thirty human crew members who man the rigging (see below for details).
  • The navigator is Mr. Osoroshi, a half-ogre diviner (see below for details).
  • Lord Kyodaina's companion is an enchanter, Lady Hasu (see below for details).
  • She has bonded with a spirit oni as her familiar (refer to page 209 of Bestiary 3 for details).

The Ship
Use the deck plan for a junk, which can be found at the following link.

Each of the private cabins (area 2) provides quarters for a pair of ogres. The captain's cabin (area 3) is home, of course, to Lord Kyodaina. Lady Hasu has a private cabin (area 5) to herself. The cargo hold (area 7) is filled with both piles of contraband and hammocks for the ordinary sailors, along with Mr. Osoroshi.

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