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Formian Insectoids Breeding and Usage

This post details the ways in which Formians use other insects to do their work.


Formian Insectoids Breeding and Usage
Given the time that they have spent as nomads following the destruction of their Hiveworld, it should come as no surprise that the formians possess little by way of manufactured artifacts. Outside of their elaborate stoneships, in fact, they seldom use any tools or other equipment. Instead, the formians rely on specially bred insects to handle many routine tasks. What is more, they've even prepared some strains for use as weapons on land or in space.
Presented below are recommendations for ways that insects detailed in the various Bestiary supplements can be used by the formians.
  • Ankhegs (Bestiary, page 15)—Bred as attack animals, these insectoids are also prized for the acid that they produce, which the Formians harvest for alchemical experimentation.
  • Giant ants (Bestiary, page 16)—The Formians use these pony-sized insects as beasts of burden, for hauling materials and equipment.
  • Army ant swarms (Bestiary, page 16)—These are a potent weapon for the Formians, and they have devised various implements for catapulting them aboard enemy aetherships.
  • Fire beetles (Bestiary, page 33)—The Formians use them for illumination.
  • Giant mantises (Bestiary, page 200)—These are favored pets of the Formians, who view these insectoids with something akin to religious adoration.
  • Giant wasps (Bestiary, page 275)—Those of the mud dauber variety are prized by the Formians because they help secure passengers aboard stoneships for long-distance voyages, such as when vessels are being launched toward new solar systems for exploration.
  • Giant bee and giant queen bee (Bestiary 2, page 43)—In territory controlled by the Formians, these insects are used to produce food, in the form of honey and royal jelly.
  • Goliath stag beetle and slicer beetle (Bestiary 2, page 44)—Both of these varieties are bred for use as attack animals.
  • Giant cockroaches and cockroach swarms (Bestiary 2, page 58)—These insects also serve as weapons when unleashed upon enemies.
  • Hellwasp swarm (Bestiary 3, page 146)—The Formians are intrigued by this vicious breed of wasps, spawned on another plane, but as yet have not tried to collect them for use in battle.
  • Giant locusts and locust swarms (Bestiary 4, page 183)—When they decide to conquer a world, the Formians use these insectoids to attack and denude enemy territory, consuming any possible food for opposing armies.
  • Locust plague swarm (Bestiary 5, pages 192-3)—This is the most fearsome weapon in the Formians' arsenal, a mass of voracious insects that can destroy almost anything in its path.
  • Knight ants and megapon ants (Bestiary 5, page 16)—These advanced breeds are used as guard animals in Formian hives.

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