Tuesday, June 22, 2021

RotLA and THA: Modifying Treasure Hunter Adventures Scenarios for the Raiders Time Period

Although the scenarios for Treasure Hunter Adventures are assumed to take place in the modern day, they can easily be adapted for use in the more pulpy time period of the 1930s and 40s. Presented here are a few tips for doing so.

Treasure Hunter Adventures

  • The Death Mask of Hatshepsut: In this case, the disappearance of “the American adventurer” and the sinking of the Titanic, which both happened in 1912, become much more recent events. What is more, the aspiring poet Earnest Newman could even be alive, living in the apartment depicted in the scenario.

  • Damnatio Memoriae: Since the sinking of the Agia Helena only would have happened some twenty or thirty years prior, it's likely that Captain Ioannes and other members of the crew still have survivors who'd like to learn about their fate. What is more, the mystery of just why the ship sank could become much more prominent.

  • The Mad King's Secret: Here again, King Ludwig II would have died only five or six decades previously, along with his investigator, Udo Friesinger. For that reason, they might be able to find old associates of theirs two who can shed light on the two men's activities. What is more, if this adventure takes place during the build-up to World War II, then the rising influence of the Nazi Party affects the background atmosphere of this adventure.

  • Unfinished Business: For this scenario, it's possible that Sir Douglass Murray could still be alive. He, of course, could provide a lot more information about what Roy Williams was doing in Cairo when he sold the death mask of Hatshepsut—and why he was killed.

  • The Ghost Town: George H. Wolf—the intended recipient of the death mask—can also still be alive, and the heroes can meet him when they visit Wilder. He, then, can recruit them for a little business involving a cache of relics stolen from Native people (see below).

  • North and South, East and West: As mentioned above, George H. Wolf is likely still alive at this time. Additionally, there are probably men and women living on various reservations who remember some of the great Native leaders, such as Red Cloud and Crazy Horse.

  • Out of the Darkness: Given the rise of the Nazis in Germany, the white supremacists in this scenario could be sympathetic—making this confrontation even more dramatic. The keypad lock for the secret room in the quonset hut needs to be changed, perhaps to a combination lock with letters instead of numbers.

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