Sunday, January 19, 2020

Three Flags

In adventures and campaigns that involve sailing ships, flags play an important role. Previous articles have introduced numerous flags flown by the power groups throughout the Sol System; this one presents three that are used widely to convey important messages to all who can see them.


White Flag
The flag of truce is a vital part of negotiations that bring conflicts to an end. In theory, any traveler who flies this flag should be granted safe passage to meet with foes; in practice, it is sometimes misused, and at other times not shown the deference that it should command.

Yellow Flag
This ensign is a universal symbol of infectious disease, and is flown by vessels whose crews have succumbed to some kind of pestilence.

Red Flag
Finally, a red flag is flown to convey one message: No quarter shall be asked, nor shall it be given. This guarantees that combat will be bloody, as depicted by the color of the flag.

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