Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Old Asteroid Mine

I am an inveterate re-user of maps. In this case, here's one that I created for my Edge of the Empire blog, repurposed for space fantasy.


Encounters in Space: The Old Asteroid Mine
For use in any variety of ways is this mined-out asteroid, now abandoned serving as a home to a wing of gargoyles.

The Asteroid
Refer to the appropriate map for the following area descriptions.

1. Entrance
The only indication that this asteroid has been worked is a hole fifteen feet in diameter. Should the PC's wish to access it, they'll need to maneuver their aethership along a path that follow's the asteroid's drift, requiring a DC 15 Profession: pilot check—with failure by five or more indicating a collision. One or more crew members must then snag it with a grappling hook or some other such device, requiring attack rolls against AC 10.

2. Main Chamber
This broad, open area is nearly fifty feet long as well as wide; it has a ceiling thirty feet high. The interior is pitch dark. Scattered about the floor is evidence of the mine's old purpose—a broken shovel, a rusted pickaxe, and similar detritus. There is also a pile of loot taken by the gargoyles. The GM should feel free to tailor this list of loot as desired, or perhaps even trust to rolling on the treasure tables to determine its nature. Whatever the case, it includes a lot of worthless material with which the valuables are mixed. This is also a good chance to introduce a new plot hook, such as a letter containing important information that never reached its intended destination.
Closer inspection (a DC 15 Survival check) also reveals gargoyle tracks leading into the tunnels.

3. Tunnels
The height of any given tunnel section generally matches its width. These areas were dug out in pursuit of the asteroid's ore, and now serve as lairs for the gargoyles. The total number of such creatures present, along with their distribution, is left to the GM's discretion, in order to provide a challenging but not overwhelming threat for the aethership's crew.

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