Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Review for Light of Xaryxis

Finally, here are my thoughts and questions about the adventure.

  • At first I just skimmed through this book, thinking that I would run it some time in the future. My players agreed to play it during this school year, though, so I read it closely.

  • It consists of twelve chapters, intended to be played over twelve sessions. Every three sessions brings a level increase.

  • Combine that with the four levels from roughly four sessions for Spelljammer Academy, and this adventure starts at level 5 and finishes at level 9.

  • This seems to be pretty epic in scope for finishing a level 9.

  • There is a system in this adventure called Doomspace. It is not the Dark Sun campaign setting. What is more, it has the remains of a shattered crystal sphere, but not that kind of crystal sphere.

  • This seems like it will be fairly easy to run, and fun.

  • I like the way scenes are written to have cliffhanger endings. We'll be playing every other week this year, and so that should make transitions from session to session easy for the players to remember.

  • There are some cool set-piece encounters in the scenario, including space combat, a gladiator ring, and a cool Temple of Light.

  • I do wonder if the heroes might feel a little bit railroaded during the latter part of the adventure.

  • In the big finale, the heroes face a hugely important decision; I am exciting to see what my players choose when that time comes.

All in all, I think Light of Xaryxis will make for a fun campaign this year. 


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