Thursday, March 31, 2022

Reading Again--The Sixth Gun: Ghost Dance

Here are my thoughts about this story arc. 


Ghost Dance 30-35

This story arc ran for six issues, published from April to October in 2013. Here are my impressions:

  • It's cool to see more exploration of Native American characters in this setting. Representation matters!

  • Related to that, I can imagine running a game in which all of the heroes are Native characters, in adventures that take place before European settlers begin arriving in America.

  • I also enjoyed taking a deep dive into the Winding Way and the worlds of alternate possibilities to which it can lead, including prehistoric and medieval time periods, along with a “modern” world in which General Hume was victorious. I think it would be fun in a campaign to take heroes from the Wild West and let them run amok in those time periods.

  • This also lets the GM bring back old foes and use them in new ways, such as Hume's four horsemen teaming up with Becky against the Skinwalkers.

  • Here we have another large-scale battle, and this time we see some dissension in the ranks between Missy Hume and her Pinkertons.

  • This arc provides a definite turning point in Becky's development, which makes me start thinking about how I as a GM would pace character advancement if this were a campaign. (I'll have more on that thought after I finish the series.)

  • Once again, there's a great epilogue that closes this arc and sets up the next one.

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